Senior iOS developer available for remote consulting assignments

The Easyhunt app is available for iOS and Android. The iOS app has developed fast and is now far ahead of the Android app. We therefore need to let the iOS developer work on another project so the Android app can catch up.

The consultant started a full-time position at Easyhunt in January 2018 and has since then developed the iOS app alone, without any other iOS competence available in the company. In January 2018, the code was in poor condition and the app was unstable and had a number of bugs. The user rating on the Appstore was then 2.6 stars. The consultant began working on re-engineering the entire app to later build on more functionality. In October 2019, the Easyhunt app had 4.1 stars on Appstore (maximum is 5). No other developers have worked with the app during this period. The consultant can also secure your app to work on iOS 13.2 and adapt it to all changes Apple has made there.

The Easyhunt app is one of the leading hunting apps in Europe. Try it yourself by downloading it on the Appstore and logging in with the demo account easyhunt / 5678.

A long-term cooperation is possible. The consultant is located in Ukraine, but is used to clients in other countries. Hourly rate as agreed.

More info in this resume:

Johan Ulfström
+46 701 859090