Create your own hunting map

Hunting maps on the internet, on waterproof material and in a mobile app.
You create hunting maps on your own customized Easyhunt website. You can easily mark boundaries and the positions of stands directly on the satellite photographs. Stand positions can also be uploaded from a Garmin. You can then print your map on paper or order weatherproof maps printed on PVC Canvas. Download the free Easyhunt app for android and iPhone where you can see the map you created on Easyhunt and your own current position. You can also view the positions of the rest of your hunting team members that have logged into the app which is good for safety reasons. By using the app, guest hunters can find their way to their stands easily, and no-one walks onto the neighboring property by mistake.
  • Canine GPS at only 50 grams for 208 EUR
  • Share stands with Garmin
  • Try for free for 3 months!

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