This is how
Find a Hunt and Find Hunters works

Find a Hunt
- For the hunter who is looking for hunts
Enter where you live and tick the alternatives that suit you.
To contact the hunt leader in a hunting team via EasyTalk, click on "Contact" and follow the instructions.
- To contact the first hunting team you need to register with Easyhunt. This is free of charge.
- To contact more hunting teams you have to subscribe to HUNTFINDER for only 280 SEK per year. You can contact up to 100 hunting teams per year.
The administrator(s) of the hunting teams you contact can see how you are connected to their own contacts. That's why it's a good idea to look up all the hunters you already know on Easyhunt and follow them.
You can invite people who aren't already registered on Easyhunt to do so. This increases the chances of somebody in the hunting team knowing someone who knows you, leading to a better chance that you will receive a positive response.
Wait for the hunting team to contact you. In your Easytalk you can see which hunting teams you have contacted and whether your mails have been read.
Find Hunters
- For hunting teams looking for hunters
Go to the hunting team's homepage and click on "Find hunters"
Go through the alternatives carefully and tick those that apply. Everyone in the hunting team can see this page, but only the administrator(s) can edit it.
You should soon start receiving EasyTalk from hunters who are looking for vacancies. You can see if there is any connection between you and the applicant here.
We recommend that you respond to all mails you receive even if you aren't interested. Even if you answer the applicant's mail, neither your contact details, your name nor your hunting team's location will be disclosed.
The Hunting Team's Administrator Person looking for hunting A red arrow means that a person is following another hunter.