Plan activities.

Invite members to hunts or other activities. Easy to plan, organize and communicate among members.

Create hunt reports.

Report killed and sighted game. Keep track of statistics and history in the hunting team. Develop reports to suit your particular hunting team.

Organize work on the grounds.

Upload maps, list all your stands with directions and images, create a to-do list for projects.

Inform guests about your hunt and the rules you have.

Share information so guests and new members can easily get started.

Share important files.

Upload maps of the hunting grounds, meeting minutes or a video from the last hunt. Everything is kept accessible to all members.

Upload images.

Create image galleries from hunts. Comment on the pictures. All images are stored on the website for the future.

Build your own map

Build your own hunting map on the homepage. The map can be printed out or ordered from Easyhunt printed on weatherproof material. The map is also available as a mobile app where you can see the positions of the hunters and the dog(s).

Game camera integration

With a game camera linked to the website, all of the hunting team see pictures from the camera as soon as they have been taken.

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