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Three different ways to advertise

1. Banners in e-mails between Easyhunt users

When a team invites its members to participate in a hunt via the Easyhunt calendar, an invitation mail, in which your banner can be inserted, is sent to all members of the team. These mails contain information pertaining to coming hunts and will thus never be deleted before being read.

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E-mail banner XL 728x*px
Fill in your e-mail address here to have the e-mail sent to you.

2. Viral Content Marketing

Content Marketing launches your product via our social media platforms:

- Easyhunt's Facebook page
- Easyhunt's Facebook groups, with more than 100,000 hunting enthusiast members

The right product can reach a wide audience virally via social media at low cost. Presented in the right way, be it in the form of an ad, a video clip or an article, it will feel like a natural part of readers' feeds.

3. E-mail to Swedish users

Mailings sent from Easyhunt directly to all our Swedish users. Note that all e-mail addresses are up to date since our users update them continually. The statistics from one of our mailings (in 2016) were as follows: