Extra Services

Website of the hunting team: Always free!

Having the hunting team's website and the following features will always be free:

  • Plan activities in your calendar and send invitations
  • Create hunting reports and get statistics on shot and observed game
  • Communicate with the internal forum
  • Send E-mail from the site
  • Stand description, image archives, to-do list, and many other information pages
  • Inform guests about your hunt and rules
  • Upload files
  • 250 MB of storage space and supports files up to 10MB
  • Other features not listed under the payment services below

Easyhunt Hunting Team+ services

  • Free for the first three months
  • Hunting teams up to 10 members: €27 per year for the entire team
  • Hunting team with more than 10 members: €43 per year for the entire team

Easyhunt Hunting Team+ includes:

  • The hunting map – The same symbols on the web map, mobile and water resistant map. You build your map on the web. On your mobile phone, you will see the same hunt map with all stands, borders and more. You see where you and all of your hunting companions are. Let your dog carry a phone in a plastic pouch in the dog vest and you will be able to see where it is too. You can also order hunting map as waterproof Tyvek in A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0.
  • Pictures from MMS game camera on the website.
  • 5 GB of storage. Files up to 100 MB.

Water resistent Tyvek map

Water resistant map in the super material Tyvek. The map can withstand water and dirt and can be folded 30,000 times.

  • A5 (148×210 mm): €4
  • A4 (210×297 mm): €5
  • A3 (297×420 mm): €9
  • A2 (420×594 mm): €16
  • A1 (594×841 mm): €28
  • A0 (841×1189 mm): €47
  • Shipping and ordering fee: €5
  • To order a Tyvek map your team must be a Easyhunt Hunting Team+ member

SMS Package

With SMS Package, you can choose to send your SMS from your calendar to time with information on planned activities. You can also send an SMS with any content from the community. The SMS package can be used by the whole team.

  • 500 SMS: €22
  • 1000 SMS: €37
  • 2000 SMS: €63