How the Start page works

Posting a picture
In the App ...
Download the iPhone or Android app "Easyhunt" free of charge
Log in with the same details as on the webpage
Click the camera icon
Take a picture or write something
Choose if you want this to be visible to all your followers or only to the other members of your hunting team. If you choose a hunting team as your audience, your photo will also be saved in the hunting team's photo album.
...or on the website
Click on "Upload picture" or write something
  • Choose audience

  • - All your followers
  • - Only your hunting team A*
  • - Only your hunting team B*
What you will find on Start Page
Posts from the people you follow
Items that a member of your hunting team has posted on the Start page and where the member has chosen them to be visible only to the hunting team*.
Items that someone posted in the hunting team's photo albums*
Posts from groups where you are a member
Hunt report summaries from the hunting teams where you are a member
* Only members of your hunting team can see these pictures.