Price List

For hunting teams

Three month free trial subscription

All hunting teams can activate a three month free trial on the hunting team's homepage > Order > TEAM. After this trial period, the prices below apply.

Maximum number of members and guests  * 3 7 13 20 30 No limit
Max total map area defined by property boundaries (hectares).  ** 20,000 40,000 80,000 120,000 160,000 200,000
Swedish teams; map includes property boundaries. Price per annum for the whole team: €36 €55 €68 €83 €105 €138
Non-Swedish teams; Price per annum for the whole team: €29 €44 €54 €66 €84 €110
*) Maximum number when the subscription commences. Additional members and guests may join later during the subscription period but in such case a higher fee will be charged the following year. Therefore, you don't need to choose the size of subscription (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) as this is done automatically based on the current number of members and guests.
**) As property boundaries are marked up to 500 meters outside the hunting ground, the total map area required may be several times larger than the hunting ground itself. If the map cover is insufficient, you may either upgrade your subscription, or enable/disable property boundaries to show only on the hunting ground where you are hunting at the time.

For individual users

Price per year
Social network in WEB and APP. Can be part of a team in Easyhunt:
An ETRACK+ subscription is needed for each eTrack. As long as the hunting team has a TEAM subscription, members can follow the dog for free.
Contact up to 100 hunting teams and hunt arrangers per year at

Hunting Map on PVC Canvas

Waterproof, wrinkle free and extremely durable.

  • A5 (148×210 mm): €7
  • A4 (210×297 mm): €11
  • A3 (297×420 mm): €19
  • A2 (420×594 mm): €32
  • A1 (594×841 mm): €54
  • A0 (841×1189 mm): €92
  • Shipping and order fee: €8
  • To order a PVC Canvas map you must first build your map on Easyhyunt

Easyhunt SMS Service

With the Easyhunt SMS Service, you have the option to send SMS (=Text) messages with information about planned activities directly from the calendar. You can also send SMS messages with any content from the Forum. The Easyhunt SMS service can be used by the whole Hunting Team.

  • 500 SMS: €19
  • 1000 SMS: €31
  • 2000 SMS: €54