Game Management Area

Game Management Area homepage

1. Link hunting team
2. Shared Documents
3. Selected hunt reports
4. STOP shooting when quota is full
Homepages for all associated hunting teams
FREE - These teams do not need a TEAM subscription
provided only features 1, 2, 3 and 4 are being used.

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1. Game Management Area (GMA)
A homepage for a hunting team can be designated a ”Game Management Area”. Anyone who is member in a GMA and administrator in a hunting team can link the team to the GMA. This is done on the GMA's homepage.
2.The GMA administrator can mark selected documents in the GMA's document archive. These documents will then be visible in the archives of all associated teams. 3. In the teams’ hunt reports, selected killed game can be marked so that the report is copied to the GMA. In the GMA, all felled game in a certain category, e.g. Moose Bull with more than 12 tines, are summed up. 4. When the permitted quota is full for a certain category of game, a message is sent automatically to all members of the GMA. For example: It is not longer permitted to shoot moose with more than 12 tines