About us

Easyhunt makes hunting easier and more fun

Easyhunt lets your hunting team create its own homeage in 10 minutes. The homepage contains a number of great features like hunting reports, a calendar, a to-do list plus a forum that allows the entire team to communicate via the web, e-mail or SMS. You can also create a hunting map on the homepage that you can print out yourself or buy in waterproof, foldable form. Users can see the same map in the smartphone App where they can keep track of their own, their fellow hunters', or their dogs' positions.

The Easyhunt team

Easyhunt.com is owned by Easyhunt AB, a company registered in Sweden. We can be found either at our office in Stockholm or out hunting and testing the Easyhunt App. Easyhunt is financed through advertising and membership fees.

Privacy and Security

A username and password are required to access the hunting team's webpage. This privacy level is the same as other similiar services on the Internet. Easyhunt is subject to the Personal Data Act(1998:204) in Swedish Law. All material published on the hunting team's homepage is owned by the hunting team. Easyhunt renounces any claim of ownership of any photos or other information published on the homepage. Easyhunt warrants that no personal user information is shared with other companies. A back-up of the information on the homepage is created on a nightly basis. This ensures that information can be re-installed in the event of a server crash.


If your are experiencing any problems with the service or if you have suggestions for improvements, please contact us via the Support button at he top of this page. We are always grateful for feedback from our users.

Easyhunt AB
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