Online booking of hunting grounds and stands

Book a stand or a hunting ground online

Highlight hunting grounds and stands bookable by members and guests.

What is available and what is booked is clearly marked on the map. Each hunting ground and stand has its own diary where bookings are shown.

Connect to hunt reports

The hunting team has the option to require a compulsory hunt report from each booking. In such case the hunter must file a report after the hunt before new bookings can be made.

The administrator can approve bookings and check which bookings have a hunt report and which ones do not.

Adapted to your requirements

The booking system has a number of settings which let you determine:
  • Time when a specific day becomes available to book
  • Time when new days become available to book
  • If a hunting report is required
  • Max number of bookings per hunter per day
  • Max number of booked days per hunter
  • Notification to administrator of new bookings
  • Reminder to create a hunt report
  • Block from booking

Share hunting grounds and stands within the Game Management Area.

Do you belong to a Game Management Area with shared small game hunting? Then share booking facilities within the GMA. This way, respective hunting teams in the GMA can book, and file hunt reports, with each other.

The team to which the hunting ground belongs, can then share the hunt report with the GMA.

Administrator tools

An administrator can lock hunting grounds and stands from booking for a certain period and post a note explaining why.

The administrator can also post relevant messages to show when a booking is confirmed.