New Easyhunt:

Superfast hunting maps

Superfast hunting maps

Property Boundary map included!

Property Boundary map included!

Easy-build hunting
ground map

Easy-build hunting
ground map

New mobile friendly
Homepage for the hunting team

Mobile friendly Homepage

3 months trial subscription.


Subscription from month 4 for the whole hunting team

€49 / Year*

Rates for members and guests


*) Sample rate for a 11-15 member hunting team

Dog tracker €114

Hunting map and App

  • Create a hunting map online
  • View the location of the hunters and the dogs in real time on your smartphone. And you can print out the map, or buy it printed on PVC Canvas.

eTrack - The world's smallest dog tracker

  • Shows the dog’s position in real time to every member of your hunting team who is using the Easyhunt App
  • Unlimited range
  • Fits onto a Garmin collar
  • Only 38 grams + collar
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Weatherproof PVC Canvas maps

  • Available in A5 to A0 format
  • Water-resistant, wrinkle-free and extremely durable
  • Shows stands and borders in your hunting ground

Organize your hunts and your hunting team

Easyhunt for hunting teams is full of features to help plan, execute and follow up your hunts.

  • The Hunting team's calendar

  • Map of the hunting ground

  • Free user support

  • Photos

  • Communication during the hunt

  • Mail

  • Game camera

  • SMS invitations

  • Hunt reports

  • Statistics

  • Forum

Find a Hunt

  • Do you want to hunt more? Find hunts here
  • Find vacancies in hunting teams
  • Find the hunting teams located nearest to you in the map
  • Find opportunities to exchange or buy hunts and find tracker dogs with handlers to track wounded game
  • There are currently 332 options advertised