eTrack mini - User Manual


Get started with your eTrack mini

1) Add the eTrack dog tracker to your Profile.

Log in to and click on "Profile" at the top right. Click "eTrack dog trackers". Then click "Add eTrack" and fill in the tracker's name and IMEI number. The IMEI number must be filled in to enable the system to identify your dog. The number can be found on the packaging. Only the owner of the eTrack can put in and see the IMEI number. To the right of these fields a list of all your hunting teams will appear. Choose in which teams you wish to activate your eTrack, and which dog you will use. This can be changed at any time. Info regarding the dogs belonging to the various teams is put in directly into the respective team's members list and can then be connected to your eTrack tracker. It is not necessary to connect your eTrack to a specific dog, but if you do, the dog's name, picture and other info will be shown. If you do not, the name of the eTrack will be shown instead. Please note that all members and guests of the hunting team(s) to which your eTrack has been connected, will be able to see the dog's position in the Easyhunt App.

If you want to keep the eTrack for your own sole use, create a new hunting team with only yourself as member, and connect the tracker to that team.

2) Get the right subscription

You need an ETRACK+ subscription in order to access the map in the App and be able to track your dog. It is the only subscription you need if you are the sole member in your "hunting team" and no other members or guests have been invited.

If you are such one-man hunting team you can click on "Map">"Edit". It will allow you to draw your hunting ground using the "Hunting ground">"New hunting ground" buttons. Then the Property boundaries relevant to your hunting ground will be displayed (for the time being this only applies to Sweden). You may also mark stands etc.

Other teams who wish to track your dog need the TEAM subscription.

3) Download the Easyhunt App

Download the Easyhunt App for iPhone or Android. If you already have the App, please ensure that it is updated to the latest version. Log in using your username and password. Go to the map view by clicking on the map symbol in the top bar in the App.

4) Charge the eTrack

The first time the battery is charged, it should be charged for at least three hours. The eTrack is charged even if it is turned off, but then no lights are on. When charging when the eTrack is on, the red light blinks slowly every 3 seconds. When the battery is fully charged, the red light is solid. The blue LED light will shine with a steady light during charging. Make it a habit always to have the tracker fully charged at the start of each hunt.

After recharging a (totally) empty tracker battery, remove the charger, then put it back and remove it again.

5) Use the eTrack

To start the unit, hold the power button for about 3 seconds until it vibrates. To shut it off, old the power button for about 10 seconds until it vibrates. The eTrack can be mounted either on the collar that comes with it or directly on, for example, a Garmin collar. After a short time, the dog’s position will be shown on the map with a dog symbol. The first time this is done, it may take a little longer. Please be patient! The dog's position and trail can be seen by all members of the team that have logged in to the Easyhunt App.

6) More information about eTrack


An icon of a dog shows the dog's current position in the Easyhunt app. If this is not visible, please go through the following checklist:

  1. Ensure that the eTrack is charged and turned on. This is most easily done by charging the tracker for an extended time and thereafter disconnecting the charging cable. Place the eTrack outdoors in order to establish best possible contact with the GPS satellites.
  2. Restart the eTrack
  3. Ensure that the IMEI number is entered correctly in the dog's profile and that the profile is saved.
  4. Log in to and check under the option "Account" to see if the subscription ETRACK+ is active. If not, it can be activated in the "Shop" menu.
  5. Ensure that you are logged in to the App and to the hunting team which has the tracker registered in your profile.
  6. If none of the above options helps, please contact support at ( > Support).
  7. Do not try to open the eTrack. The warranty is not valid if the lid has been opened. Furthermore, the tracker will no longer be waterproof.

Key to LED lights


Slow blink = Calling

Single blink = Searing GSM network

Double blink = Connected to GSM network

Steady light = No GSM signal


Slow blink = Charging

Single blink = Connected to Bluetooth

Steady blink = Fully charged

Press the On / Off button once when the device is on, the light indicates the approximate battery life. 5 flashes = about 100%, 4 flashes = about 80%, and down to 1 flashes = about 20%.

Slow blink = Searching for GPS signal

Single blink = Connected to satellite

Product summary